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back to that pivotal day...

the memory still feels as sharp and vivid as if it were yesterday.

I was on the verge of wrapping up a challenging project with a spiritual empowerment organization based in Los Angeles.

Doreene Hamilton and Ishmael Tetteh were my primary contacts there,
and our professional relationship, though complex, was nearing its end.


We were on a Zoom call, a routine check-in turned farewell.

I started the call in my usual manner, confidently laying out a 

roadmap they could follow once my consultancy concluded.


I spoke of strategies and future directions,
intent on leaving them well-equipped.


But as I delved deeper into my final presentation,
I noticed Doreene’s demeanor shift subtly.


It wasn’t anything overt at first,
just a slight narrowing of her eyes,
a barely perceptible tightening of her lips.


But then, as I highlighted a key point, a culmination

of my months of hard work, she did something so small, yet so devastating.


Doreene rolled her eyes.

It was a flash, a fleeting moment,
but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

That eye roll wasn’t just dismissive; it was reductive.
It trivialized every late night,
every meticulously crafted plan,
every moment I spent steering their organization

through the turbulent waters of the Covid-19 pandemic.


I remember feeling a cold knot in my stomach,
as if her gesture had physically reached through the screen and gripped me.
All the while, Ishmael watched, a silent observer.


I could sense he was torn,
caught between the need for my expertise and his allegiance to Doreene.

Change with the seasons.

The atmosphere

of the call

shifted palpably.

Doreene’s return to the conversation, after a brief, tense pause, was markedly different.

Her tone was sharper, her words laced with a thinly veiled contempt.

She questioned my recommendations,
challenged my insights,
all the while maintaining a veneer of professionalism that didn’t quite reach her eyes.

I realized then that I wasn’t just an external consultant to them;

I was an outsider,intruding into their well-guarded domain.

In their eyes, I was a threat, an unwelcome mirror reflecting the inadequacies and failings they were so desperate to hide.

It dawned on me that this wasn’t just about business or spiritual guidance.

There was something deeper, more insidious at play.

The realization was unnerving,
like suddenly finding yourself in deep waters,
the shore too far to reach.


That eye roll,
Doreene’s subsequent behavior,
and the chilling undercurrents of that final meeting,
were the first glimpses I had of the true nature of their operation.


It was a turning point,
the moment I began to piece together the unsettling truth behind their facade of empowerment and spiritual growth.


As I reflect on it now,
I understand that, that moment was more than just a conclusion of a professional engagement.


It was the beginning of my journey into understanding the darker aspects of human nature,
the manipulation and control that can lurk beneath the surface of even the most seemingly benign interactions

And it’s this understanding,
hard-earned and eye-opening,
that I bring to you today.


Ishmael’s attempt to mediate was half-hearted at best,
his words doing little to mask the tension that crackled through the virtual space.


He seemed to be grappling with his own internal struggle, a silent battle between his professional reliance on me and his tangled allegiance to Doreene.


Doreene’s abrupt exit from the call was a jarring, almost theatrical display of her discontent.


When she returned, it was like the opening scene of a storm.Her eyes, previously dismissive, now blazed with a mix of envy and unspoken fury.Her words, once merely sharp, were now edged with a venom that left me reeling.

The dynamic between them, previously professional on the surface, now revealed itself to be a twisted labyrinth of personal and business entanglements. Doreene, far from the successful actress façade she presented to the world, was the puppet master in this scenario. She held the strings of their financial and operational dealings, wielding them with a deft hand that left Ishmael, the so-called guru, effectively powerless.

Conscious Humanity, a controversial cult with operations in both Ghana and Los Angeles, has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Founded by Ishmael Tetteh and Doreene Hamilton, this organization presents itself as a spiritual group dedicated to personal enlightenment and global harmony.


However,  allegations of psychological manipulation, financial exploitation, and cult-like control over its members have surfaced, casting a shadow over its proclaimed benevolent mission.


The group’s secretive nature and the charismatic allure of its founders, Tetteh and Hamilton, have only intensified concerns. Investigations into Conscious Humanity’s practices are ongoing, as former members and watchdog organizations warn about the potential dangers lurking beneath its surface.

Doreene Hamilton, Los Angelos Based director and master recruiter of young women into the cult.

Ishmael Tetteh, founder and master manipulator and sextortionist, who also runs Etheran Mission from his head quarters from Ghana.


Their partnership, I realized, was a carefully constructed illusion. Beneath the surface of enlightenment and spiritual guidance they marketed, lay a disturbing reality.

They weren’t just leading a company; they were at the helm of a cult.


This realization struck me with the force of a physical blow.
The sense of unease I’d felt throughout our collaboration suddenly crystallized into cold clarity.


Their operation, cloaked in the noble guise of empowering women,
was in fact a sinister exercise in manipulation and control.


The truth of their intentions cast a dark shadow over the Zoom call.


 Each word they spoke, every gesture they made,
now seemed loaded with a malevolent purpose.

The atmosphere became charged with an almost palpable malevolence, transforming what should have been a standard business meeting into a scene fraught with psychological peril.


Doreene's mannerisms,

once merely arrogant, now appeared downright diabolical.
Her smile, which I had once naively thought of as charming,
now twisted into a cruel smirk at my naivety.

Ishmael, meanwhile, sat in brooding silence,
his eyes darting between Doreene and me,
a captive to her will yet seemingly complicit in their deceit.

Their behavior, once merely unprofessional, now took on a chilling dimension.

It was as if the call had peeled back a curtain,
revealing the true nature of their enterprise:
not a sanctuary for spiritual seekers,
but a trap for the unwary,
a place where empowerment was promised
but subjugation and exploitation were delivered.

In that moment, the Zoom call became more than just a meeting;
it was a window into a world of darkness I had never imagined existed,
let alone one I was inadvertently a part of.

It was a revelation that would forever change my perspective
on trust, manipulation, and the hidden dangers lurking in seemingly benign environments.

The undercurrent of Ishmael’s threats was subtle yet unmistakable,
his words carefully chosen but loaded with a sinister intent.His posture, once relaxed and open, had become rigid and guarded,as if he was bracing himself for a confrontation he knew was inevitable.


The way he occasionally glanced off-camera,
his eyes narrowing slightly,
gave the impression of a man wrestling with demons,
both his own and those invoked by Doreene’s manipulations.


Doreene, on the other hand, was a study in calculated control.
Her tactics were more overt, laced with a cunning that was as impressive as it was alarming.


She didn’t just speak; she performed,
each word and gesture meticulously crafted to intimidate and dominate.


Her laughter, once light and engaging, now echoed with a hollow, chilling timbre,as if she reveled in the discomfort and unease she sowed.


This wasn’t just a business meeting; it had morphed into a psychological battle.The air felt thick with unspoken threats and dark implications.Their actions, previously dismissed as eccentric or unprofessional, now took on a more ominous character.


The way Doreene casually flicked her pen, the motion slow and deliberate, seemed less an absent-minded habit and more a show of dominance.The pen wasn’t just a pen anymore;
it was a symbol of her power, her weapon in this twisted game.


As the conversation progressed,
the depth of their deceit became increasingly apparent.


The façade of their partnership was just that, a façade,
behind which lay a labyrinth of manipulation and exploitation.They weren’t mere business partners; they were puppeteers,
and I had unwittingly become a puppet in their grand performance.


I recall the moment when Ishmael’s gaze met mine through the camera.His eyes, once warm and inviting, were now cold,
a stark, unfeeling blue that seemed to penetrate straight through to my core.

It was a look that spoke volumes,
conveying a message that was as clear as it was chilling:
“You’ve seen too much.”

And Doreene, with her ever-present smirk,seemed to delight in this newfound power dynamic.

we grew up watching our mothers and grandmothers be told what to do.

As she toyed with her pen,twirling it between her fingers with a practiced ease,
her smile widened ever so slightly.


It was as if she was silently saying, “Welcome to our world,
a world where we make the rules and you’re just a visitor,
powerless and at our mercy.”


The call ended, but the weight of what I had witnessed lingered long after.


Their images, frozen in those final moments on screen,
haunted me,a stark reminder of the dangerous charade I had been a part of.

I was left with a sense of dread, a realization that the world was far more complex and sinister

than I had ever imagined.In the aftermath of that call,I knew that my journey had taken an irreversible turn,

leading me down a path that was as necessary as it was perilous.


That day, marked by Doreene’s seemingly simple but profoundly dismissive eye roll,

was a jarring revelation for me.It wasn’t just an isolated incident of disrespect;

it was a glaring symptom of a deeper, more malignant issue.

That eye roll was a brutal education in the subtleties of manipulation and control.


It forced me to confront the harsh reality that not every environment is conducive to growth and respect.


In the aftermath, I found myself reevaluating not just my relationship with

Doreene and Ishmael, but my approach to all my professional interactions.

It was a harsh lesson in the importance of setting boundaries,a skill I had underestimated

until then.I learned to listen more closely to my instincts,

those quiet internal warnings that I had previously

silenced in the name of professionalism and cooperation.


Walking away from that situation wasn’t just about removing myself from a toxic environment;

it was about reclaiming my integrity and self-respect.


It was a commitment to myself to never again allow my values to be compromised

or my efforts to be belittled. That decision, though fraught with uncertainty and fear of the unknown,

was a pivotal step towards personal empowerment.


As I look back on that experience, I see the striking similarities with recent high-profile scandals.

It’s a sobering reminder that what often starts as a seemingly benign business relationship

can quickly devolve into a web of deceit and exploitation.


The dynamics I witnessed and experienced were not just unhealthy;

they were meticulously crafted to disempower and control.


Sharing this story is more than just a recounting of past events; it’s a call to action.

It’s an invitation to you, the reader, to learn from my experiences. My journey,

though fraught with challenges, has equipped me with valuable insights that I am now

compelled to share.My goal is to help others recognize the signs of toxic relationships,

whether in business or personal life, and to provide the tools needed to build

resilience and set firm boundaries.


Stay tuned as I delve deeper into this journey, offering practical advice and strategies

to safeguard yourself from similar manipulative relationships.

This isn’t just about avoiding negative experiences;

it’s about fostering an environment where respect, integrity, and personal growth can flourish.


Thanks in part to that nightmare experience, I uncovered a kind of “blueprint” for ambitious career women …


One that works for just about anyone who gives it a fair shot…

And in this love letter, you can see how it can work for you.


Please remember that despite my success today,

When it comes to struggling with insecurity and a lack of confidence in

decision-making and personal abilities, I’m absolutely no different than you…


I just had some lucky but painful breaks…

That led me to this ‘roadmap’ for developing a strong sense of self-confidence and autonomy,

both in personal and professional settings, overcoming the impacts of a challenging upbringing…

A System

that allows women like us to:

Establish and maintain healthy boundaries in all aspects of life, feeling that sense of control and respect in every interaction…

Break free from repeating toxic patterns, like a breath of fresh air after being trapped in a smog of negativity…

Effectively manage stress and conflict without avoiding necessary confrontations, standing your ground with grace and poise…

Assert personal ideas and boundaries, no longer shrinking back but shining in your full potential…

Walk away from manipulative and controlling relationships, like shedding an old skin that no longer fits your vibrant, empowered self…

And so much more.




Love Letter was written

to help spread the word and give you the same value my in-person clients pay…

I’ll share all the specifics with you in the 10 day Guilt-Free Boundaries Challenge

But first, let’s explore this reality..


If you grew up in the shadow of a narcissistic family, with a mother whose endless criticisms cut deep, it’s challenging enough. But when an unsupportive and abusive father adds to the mix, it amplifies the hurt and harm exponentially. His absence or neglect, or worse, his harsh words and actions, leave scars that are difficult to heal.


You might still hear your mother’s biting words: “You’re too skinny,” or “You’re too fat.” She’d chide, “You’re too American,” making you feel disconnected from your roots. Her relentless judgments, “You’re too undereducated,” would undermine your achievements, while her “You’re too female,” comment would make you feel like a denial of your very identity.


And then there were her unfair comparisons,

“Why aren’t you a concert-level musician?”


On top of this, your father’s role in your life added another layer of pain. Perhaps he was distant, his absence a silent echo of disapproval, or perhaps he was more overtly abusive, his words or actions leaving their own traumatic imprint. The lack of support, the absence of a nurturing father figure, compounded the feeling of never being good enough.


And then there were the stinging questions about your personal life.

“When am I going to get grandchildren from you?


My friend’s daughters have already given them children. Why are you childless, are you barren?” These intrusions, coming from a place already fraught with emotional turmoil, made them all the more wounding.


Navigating the world as a woman with these echoes of parental disapproval and abuse can cloud your perception of yourself, casting a long shadow over your accomplishments and sense of self-worth, leaving you feeling perpetually less than.


Yet, it’s important to recognize that these painful experiences, while they have shaped you, do not define you. Those harsh words and actions are reflections of your parents’ limitations and issues, not yours. It’s time to release the weight of their judgments and step into a space of self-acceptance and empowerment.


You are more than their words, more than their actions.

You are a unique individual, deserving of respect and love,

especially from yourself.


Growing up with a mother whose criticisms were relentless is a struggle on its own, but the role of an unsupportive and abusive father can significantly deepen the emotional wounds. This added layer of paternal neglect or abuse creates a complex tapestry of hurt, leaving indelible marks on your heart and psyche.


Your father, perhaps, was a figure of intimidation or indifference in your life. Maybe he was the silent, unapproachable presence at the dinner table, his lack of interest in your achievements and dreams speaking volumes. His indifference, a stark contrast to your mother’s biting remarks, might have left you feeling invisible, unworthy of attention or affection.



Or maybe he was more overtly abusive, his words,

we grew up watching our mothers and grandmothers be told what to do.

sharp as knives, cutting through your self-esteem every time you tried to step forward.

Comments like, “You’ll never amount to anything,” or dismissive gestures that

belittled your passions and pursuits.


His inability to provide the support and encouragement you needed as a child,

his failure to protect you from the harshness of the world

(and sometimes from your own mother’s cruelty),

compounded the feeling of isolation and inadequacy.


The lack of a nurturing, supportive father figure meant you had to navigate

your childhood and adolescence without a crucial pillar of emotional support.


His absence or mistreatment left a void where there should have

been love, guidance, and validation.


Growing up, you might have constantly sought his

approval, only to be met with indifference or criticism, reinforcing the

damaging narrative set by your mother’s harsh words.


The combination of a narcissistic mother and an unsupportive,

abusive father creates a storm of emotional turmoil.


It’s a storm that can make the journey to self-acceptance and healing particularly challenging.


These experiences might have led you to question your worth, your capabilities,

and even your right to happiness and success.


Yet, it’s essential to recognize that this narrative written by your parents’

shortcomings isn’t your own. Despite their inability to provide the love and support

you deserved, you have the strength within you to rewrite your story.


You are not defined by their failures but by your resilience and capacity to grow

beyond the painful confines of your upbringing. Your journey now is about

reclaiming your identity, healing from your past, and recognizing the incredible

worth and potential you possess, independent of their validation.


You know, living in the shadow of narcissistic pain can be like walking through a

never-ending storm, where every drop of rain is a stinging reminder that

you’re just not good enough for your parents’ acceptance and love. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?


Constantly blaming yourself, carrying around this heavy heart that just doesn’t feel whole.


But what if I told you that there’s a path out of this storm?

A journey that can lead you to a place of empowerment, a place where the

sun shines warmly on your face, and you can finally breathe easy,

feeling whole for the first time in your life.


I want to be there with you, every step of the way, as you embark on this

incredible journey of healing.


We’ll navigate through the phases together, peeling back the layers of pain

and self-doubt, and uncovering the strong, resilient person you truly are.

Imagine waking up one morning, and the first thought that crosses your

mind isn’t self-criticism or regret, but a deep, comforting sense of self-love and acceptance.

That’s the destination we’re aiming for.


And believe me, it’s not only possible,

it’s within your reach. Let’s take that first step together, shall we?

During the

challenge, we’ll explore

the following Topics.

  • Embracing Hope and Healing: Gently Break Away from the Patterns of Your Parents and Rediscover Your Worth. Begin a journey of transformation and self-discovery, rising from the shadows of a narcissistic upbringing.


  • Soothing the Hidden Scars of Emotional Neglect: Gently explore the tender signs that your childhood still whispers in your adult relationships, guiding you towards a path of healing and understanding.


  • Finding Your Inner Peace: A gentle, step-by-step journey to quiet the persistent critic, born from the words of a critical mother and an absent father. Discover serenity and self-acceptance in your personal narrative.


  • Releasing the Burden of Expectations: Learn to softly let go of the heavy expectations around marriage and children imposed by parents. Embrace your life choices with a heart full of joy and contentment, guided by your own desires and truths.


  • Seize Your Voice: Commanding Strategies to Dominate Boundaries and Take Charge in Personal and Professional Arenas, Shattering a Past of Undermining and Manipulation.


  • Unleash the Power Within: Transform Childhood Pain into Unstoppable Empowerment! Discover the Ironclad Method to Turn Your Upbringing into a Force for Building Robust, Rewarding Relationships.


  • Rise, Warrior Queen: Obliterate the Shadows of Paternal Indifference! A Bold Blueprint for Women to Ignite Self-Validation and Radiate Unbreakable Confidence.


  • Resilience Revolution: A Fierce Strategy for Women Over 30 to Convert Childhood Emotional Scars into a Dynamo of Confidence and Autonomy.


  • Break Free from the Comparison Deathtrap: Aggressively Overhaul the Destructive Legacy of Comparisons! Embrace Your Singular Identity and Rise Above Mediocrity.

 And Much More.

How do you imagine your life would change if you prioritized your dreams and purpose over the unsupportive expectations of your family?

I want to share

a story

that’s very close to my heart. It’s the story that lit the flame for the Guilt-Free Boundaries Challenge. My journey to where I stand today wasn’t just about learning new things; it was a journey of unlearning.Unlearning the deeply rooted belief that my life’s purpose was to be an eternal caretaker for my siblings, a responsibility thrust upon me since 8 years old.


Imagine a young girl, filled with dreams of dedicating her life to spiritual service, perhaps even becoming a nun. These weren’t just fleeting childhood fantasies; they were the callings of my soul. But, as life would have it, these dreams were buried under the immense pressure of financially supporting my siblings. I traded the serene corridors of a nunnery for the relentless, cutthroat world of Wall Street. It was a path far removed from the peace and fulfillment I had envisioned.


As I climbed the corporate ladder, a part of me felt lost, adrift. The betrayal of my own dreams left me resentful and angry. It wasn’t until I faced the gut-wrenching decision to cut ties with my family, a choice that I knew would cast me out in their eyes,that my true healing journey began.


It was a journey of rediscovery, of fighting for the dreams I had shelved and the mission my soul yearned to fulfill. It was fraught with challenges, yes, but it led me to a sense of joy and authenticity I had never experienced before.


I speak to you now from a place of deep experience and ongoing healing. The sense of joy and being authentically me that I now revel in was only possible because I learned the art of setting guilt-free boundaries.


I understand that estrangement is not a solution for everyone. In my case, it was a fight for survival, a tough choice in response to a family that seemed indifferent to whether I existed. But if you, like me, feel deep down that you’re meant for something greater, something profound in this world, then this challenge is your stepping stone.


You owe it to yourself and to the legacy of those who came before you to fulfill the mission that is uniquely yours. If you’re ready to begin this journey of healing, to fling open the doors to your wildest dreams, and to honor the call of your soul, then I warmly invite you to join me in the Guilt-Free Boundaries Challenge. Let’s walk this path of transformation and empowerment together.



In my people's language, "Sawubona" means....

I See You.

I Witness Divinity Through You.

I See The Face of Creative, Love, Intelligence as the Beautiful Being reading this love letter from me to you.




I’ve spent the past 34 years studying peak human performance. From as far as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the Soul’s EVOLUTION through eternity. 

I’ve studied psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and finance. I’ve spent the last 22 years meditating in caves, chanting with monks, in and out of long periods of isolation, contemplating the nature of existence.

The more I learn, the quicker I’ve come to realize, “I KNOW NOTHING”.

The intelligence of the Universe knows through me to help you learn how to tap into your own Sovereign Connection With The Universe.

I’m NOT YOUR GURU, I’m a Mindfulness Mystic walking along side you as we individually Fulfill Our Unique Life’s Purposes.


Imagine the


of living a life fueled by purpose and guided by strong boundaries.


No longer will you be shackled by the opinions of others or limited by your own self-judgment. It’s time to embrace a new chapter, where you can thrive and make an impactful contribution to the world.


Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?


Join the Purpose Driven Boundaries Challenge and discover the power within you to break free from burnout, self-doubt, and the constraints of an unfulfilling career. It’s time to live a life that truly aligns with your purpose and allows you to embrace adventure, success, and abundance.


Discover Your Purpose,

Overcome Burnout,

and Thrive.

How might your ability to set boundaries positively impact your overall mental and emotional well-being?

Here you will find the

Frequently Asked Questions


"I'm worried about adding one more thing to my already full plate."


This challenge is designed to alleviate overwhelm and bring more balance into your life. By implementing the tools and strategies provided, you’ll actually gain more time, energy, and clarity, enabling you to navigate your commitments with greater ease.


"I don't have enough time to commit to a 10-day challenge."


The purpose of this challenge is to help you reclaim your time and restore balance in your life. By dedicating just a small portion of your time each day, you’ll gain invaluable tools and strategies to effectively manage your time and create more space for self-care and personal growth.


"I feel guilty prioritizing myself over my family and other commitments."


Taking care of yourself is essential to being able to show up fully for your loved ones. This challenge will help you establish healthy boundaries and self-care practices, ultimately allowing you to be a better mother, friend, daughter, and spouse.


"I constantly feel like I'm not doing enough and it triggers feelings of inadequacy."


The purpose of this challenge is to address those feelings of inadequacy head-on. Through powerful mindset shifts and self-compassion exercises, you’ll learn to let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace your own worthiness.

Releated Video


"I'm skeptical that this challenge will make a real difference in my life."


The strategies and techniques shared in this challenge have helped countless ambitious women transform their lives. By committing to the process and staying open-minded, you’ll have the opportunity to experience powerful shifts and breakthroughs.

You have 48 hours to engage with the video lessons, mindfulness mentoring sessions and movement meditation exercises. If for some reason you feel that The Purpose Driven Boundaries Challenge is not for you, No Worries. We’ll be sad to see you leave, but we’ll happily refund your money and wish you the best of luck on your life’s journey.

We don’t care about harboring hard feelings towards anyone, we’re more interested in ACTIVATING OUR POTENTIALS SO WE CAN LIVE AMAZING LIVES AS PURPOSEFUL WOMEN.


"I fear that investing in myself will take away from the needs of others."


Self-investment is not selfish; it’s essential for your well-being and ability to show up for others in a more meaningful way. By prioritizing your own growth and happiness, you’ll be better equipped to support and inspire those around you.


"I don't feel appreciated or acknowledged for all the sacrifices I make."


This challenge will guide you towards cultivating a deep sense of self-appreciation and self-validation. By discovering your own intrinsic value and setting boundaries, you’ll no longer rely on external validation to feel fulfilled and appreciated.


"I've sacrificed my dreams and aspirations for others, and it feels too late to pursue them now."


It’s never too late to rediscover and pursue your dreams. This challenge will provide you with the tools and support to reconnect with your passions and create a plan to integrate them into your life, while still honoring your existing commitments.


"I struggle with feelings of envy and jealousy towards other women who seem to have it all."


Comparison is a common struggle, but this challenge will help you shift your focus inward and embrace your own unique journey. You’ll learn strategies to cultivate gratitude and celebrate your own accomplishments, ultimately freeing yourself from the grip of envy.


"I'm overwhelmed by feelings of resentment and a lack of gratitude from others."


The focus of this challenge is on your personal growth and empowerment, helping you break free from the cycle of resentment and seeking validation from others. By cultivating a strong sense of self-worth, you’ll be less affected by external circumstances and find greater inner peace.