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Welcome to

the church of Wall Street

Sawubona Visionaries,

Welcome to the enigmatic and transformative world of the Church of Wall Street, an initiative birthed from the visionary mind of Thembi Buthelezi, founder of Future Gen Leaders.

A former equities trader on the bustling floors of Wall Street, Thembi witnessed firsthand the profound need for a holistic approach to wellness, encompassing emotional, spiritual, financial, relational, and physical aspects for ambitious professionals to truly thrive.

With a heart set on making a difference, Thembi gave rise to this unique platform, a convergence of ancient wisdom and modern leadership.

Here, in our mystical sanctuary, we delve into the depths of African Mysticism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Christ Consciousness. These are not just philosophies; they are ancient keys unlocking the potential within each of us, shaping us into empowered leaders in an interconnected world.

The Church of Wall Street transcends the traditional constructs of a church. It is a multidimensional leadership academy where Love reigns supreme, and from this sacred foundation, we flourish in business and philanthropy, bound by a shared commitment to each other and to the greater good.

Our offerings are carefully curated to guide you through the ever-changing maze of life and leadership. Engage in transformative practices like meditation, yoga, chanting, and sacred tribe circles, which serve not just as rituals, but as pathways to peak performance and heightened consciousness.

In this era of rapid change, our world yearns for visionary thinkers and creative problem-solvers. The Church of Wall Street stands as a testament to the power of enlightened leadership and holistic wellness. We invite you to join us in leaving a lasting imprint on the consciousness of humanity, where diversity is celebrated, and the sacredness of life is upheld.

Welcome to a journey of mystery and transformation.

Welcome to the Church of Wall Street.

With Chills of Excitement and Ecstasy,

Thembi Buthelezi

Church of Wall Street

December 12 2023
Queen Bringer of Good Hope

On Reflecting Universal Values:

In the labyrinthine corridors of the modern corporate world, the empathetic leader often walks a solitary path, grappling with unseen forces that I refer to as ‘energy vampires.’ These entities, thriving in the shadows of narcissism and toxic environments, challenge the very essence of one’s spirit. Drawing upon the ancient and mystic laws of Ma’at — embodying truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice — this treatise delves into the arcane arts of protecting one’s energy in such draining atmospheres.


The Veiled Threat of Energy Vampires

Energy vampires, often masked in the guise of narcissistic colleagues or superiors, feed on the emotional and mental vitality of others. Their presence is most felt in toxic work environments, where their hunger for dominance and control creates an aura of negativity.


The Empath’s Burden

As an empathetic leader, you are a beacon of emotional intelligence and understanding, yet this very nature renders you vulnerable to the draining energies of these vampires. Your journey, therefore, is not just about leadership; it’s a quest to maintain your inner sanctuary amidst chaos.


The Mystic’s Shield: A Guide to Spiritual Armor

  1. Inner Sanctum Rituals: Start each day by fortifying your inner sanctum. This might involve meditative practices, communing with nature, or engaging in ancient breathing techniques. Such rituals anchor you to your core, offering a bastion against external turmoil.

  2. The Shield of Khepera: Visualize a protective barrier, much like the sacred scarab beetle’s shell, encasing you. This mystical shield guards against the insidious energies of narcissistic entities.

  3. Mantras of Power: Empower yourself with affirmations of ancient origin, speaking to your invulnerability to negative energies. This practice of verbal alchemy transforms spoken words into spiritual armor.

  4. Purification Rites Post-Confrontation: After exposure to a draining environment, engage in energy-cleansing rites. This could involve the burning of sacred herbs, such as frankincense, revered in African cultures for its spiritual cleansing properties.

  5. Walking the Path of Ma’at: Embody the principles of Ma’at in your speech and actions. Asserting your truth while maintaining harmony is a delicate dance, but crucial in navigating toxic environments.

  6. Crystal Guardians: Employ the guardianship of protective crystals like black tourmaline or hematite. These stones, believed to have protective energies, act as talismans against negativity.

  7. The Vitality of the Physical Vessel: Honor your physical body as the temple of your spirit. Engaging in ancient physical disciplines like yoga or qi gong maintains your energy reservoir.

  8. The Sanctity of Solitude: Retreat into solitude to commune with your inner self. In these moments of quietude, you rejuvenate your spirit, away from the cacophony of the corporate world.

  9. Spiritual Anchorage: Connect with your spiritual roots, drawing strength from these ancient bonds. This spiritual anchorage is your lifeline in turbulent waters.

  10. Harboring in a Supportive Cove: Surround yourself with souls who replenish your energy. This fellowship becomes your sanctuary, a place of rest and renewal.


The Paradox of Empathy in a Narcissistic Realm

In an environment rife with narcissism, your empathetic nature may seem like a vulnerability, but in truth, it is your greatest strength. It is the beacon that pierces through the veil of toxicity, guiding you and others towards a higher path.


As you traverse this enigmatic journey, armored with the wisdom of the ancients and the laws of Ma’at, remember that your journey is as much about protecting your inner world as it is about leading in the outer one. By safeguarding your spiritual essence, you not only preserve your well-being but also uphold your ability to lead with empathy and strength in the face of adversity.


May the ancient wisdom of Ma’at guide you, and may your path be illuminated with the mystical light of understanding and resilience.

On Compassion and Empathy: "How does putting yourself in the shoes of someone from a different spiritual background change your perspective on your own beliefs and practices?"

On Non-Judgmental


"What barriers do we create when we judge others' spiritual beliefs? How can we consciously work towards dismantling these barriers in our communities?"

"In the dance of diverse cultures, wisdom whispers like the wind. Embrace the world, act locally, think globally, and find kin. Like eagles soaring freely, let your career take flight, Harnessing diversity’s power, in day's warmth and night's light. In balance, walk with Ma'at, in truth and heart combined, In global mindset, your path, your destiny, you'll find."
Queen Bringer of Good Hope
Mindfulness Mystic

Discover the Ancient Secret to Conquer the Chaos: The Art of Grounding

In the shadowed corridors of modern life, where the specter of narcissism and toxicity looms large, lies an ancient secret for serenity – grounding. This mystical practice, often lost in the rush of the mundane, is a beacon of calm in the tempest of today’s work environments. Imagine beginning each day not as a plunge into chaos, but as a ceremonial return to your inner sanctuary.


Grounding is more than a ritual; it’s a portal to an unshaken core amidst life’s storms. Through simple acts – a silent meditation, a solitary walk in nature’s embrace, or the rhythmic dance of deep breathing – you connect with an ancient energy, one that predates the noise of our modern dilemmas.


In our forthcoming exploration, we delve into the veiled powers of grounding. How can this timeless practice shield you from the energy vampires of the workplace? Join us in uncovering the enigmatic art of grounding, your clandestine ally in a world of hidden battles. Stay tuned for a revelation that promises not just peace, but a profound transformation of your daily encounters.

The Whispering Void: Solitude as an Armor in a World of Noise

In the echoing halls of today’s corporate jungles, where narcissism whispers and toxicity skulks, there lies a hidden sanctuary: the sacred art of solitude. This ancient practice, shrouded in mystery, is a wellspring of renewal for souls weathered by the relentless storms of a demanding work life. Imagine, if you will, a secret retreat from the constant barrage of voices, a place where your true self whispers truths amidst the silence.


Solitude is not just an escape; it’s an enigmatic journey into the depths of your being. It is in these hushed moments of isolation that you find not loneliness, but a profound communion with the essence of who you are, untouched and unshaken by the external chaos.


Our forthcoming exploration ventures deep into this arcane ritual. How does solitude serve as a shield against the vampiric forces of a toxic workplace? We invite you to unravel the mysteries of solitude, to discover how this silent ally empowers and fortifies your spirit against the unseen battles of the corporate realm. Join us as we unveil the power of solitude, a solemn guardian in the tumultuous world of professional strife.

The Forgotten Alchemy: Awakening Your Body's Hidden Powers

In the shadowed maze of today’s work life, where narcissism lurks and toxicity weaves its web, there lies a forgotten alchemy: the ancient art of honoring the physical vessel. Lost in the echoes of corporate battles, this sacred wisdom whispers of a deeper power locked within our very sinews and bones. Imagine a world where your physical form is not just a shell, but a mystical conduit of energy and strength.


Our upcoming narrative ventures into this arcane realm, exploring how ancient practices like yoga and qi gong are not mere exercises, but rituals that awaken the dormant energies within. Amidst the relentless demands of a draining workplace, these practices offer more than physical wellness; they are keys to unlocking resilience and vigor, hidden in plain sight.


Embark with us on a journey to rediscover the potent magic of your physical being. Learn how this neglected temple, when nurtured, can become a bastion against the insidious forces of a toxic work environment. Stay tuned for a voyage into the heart of physical mysticism, a forgotten path to empowerment in the modern professional labyrinth.

On the Essence of Spiritual Leadership:

“In what ways does true spiritual leadership transcend religious labels and dogmas? How can a spiritual leader embody principles that are universally resonant across different faiths?”

On the

Interconnectedness of All Beings:

"How does the acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of all life influence your approach to spiritual leadership? In what ways can this perspective encourage a more inclusive environment?"