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Mystical Journeys Within:

Unraveling Beliefs,

Embracing Rebellion, and Unmasking Our Minds"

Imagine this: Thembi Buthelezi, caught in a whirlwind not of her making,

found herself in the clutches of a dangerous cult. This wasn’t a simple twist of fate; her own sibling, (Busi Buthelezi) lost in a maelstrom of identity crisis and desperate for a place to belong, made the unimaginable decision to lead Thembi into this peril. You see, in their quest for self-definition, the sibling saw Thembi not as a sister to cherish but as a pawn to sacrifice.


Now, Thembi’s story could have ended in tragedy, had it not been for her indomitable spirit and a profound connection to ancient wisdom. The cult’s reach was vast, spanning from the USA to the UK, and even touching the soils of Ghana. But Thembi, in the eye of this storm, remembered the Laws of Ma’at—a set of principles that guided the ancient Egyptians towards truth, balance, and harmony. These principles, along with the peaceful teachings of Buddhism, became her beacon.


Conversing with these ancient truths, Thembi found the strength to escape. The Laws of Ma’at taught her about the importance of living a life in balance and truth, while Buddhism offered her a path of peace and self-liberation. It was through embracing these teachings that she could see the cult for what it truly was—a place of imbalance, deceit, and suffering.


But her journey didn’t stop at her escape. The turmoil that the cult brought into her life was a heavy burden, one that might have crushed her spirit permanently. Yet, Thembi was no ordinary soul. She turned to the very teachings that saved her, diving deeper into the philosophies of Ma’at and Buddhism, and in doing so, she began to heal.

Her path of


 led her to a profound transformation. Thembi, once a victim of her sibling’s desperate actions, found peace and purpose in the serene life of a Buddhist nun. In this new chapter, she was no longer defined by the pain of her past but by the peace she had found. Thembi’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of ancient wisdom.


Through her journey, Thembi teaches us an invaluable lesson: no matter the depth of our suffering or the darkness of our circumstances, there is always a path to peace and balance. It’s there, waiting for us to take the first step, guided by the timeless wisdom of the ancients.

Breaking Free from Self-Hate:

A Journey Towards Collective Healing

Ever felt like your worst enemy lives right between your ears? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there, feeling down on ourselves. But here’s the twist. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we throw that heavy bag of self-criticism onto others. Call it jealousy, envy, or just being plain mean; it’s like we’re trying to offload our own baggage onto someone else’s journey.


So, what’s the deal with this? It’s simple, really. That nastiness we sometimes dish out? It’s just our inner turmoil, dressed up and ready to crash someone else’s party. It could be at work, where we can’t stand to see a colleague succeed because, deep down, we’re questioning our own worth. Or maybe it’s within our families, where we push and prod because, in some way, it mirrors the internal battle we’re facing.


But here’s the hopeful part: realizing that when we’re throwing shade or feeling green with envy, it’s actually a call to action, a nudge to look inwards and start patching up those inner cracks. And guess what? When we start fixing ourselves up, it’s like magic for our relationships too. Imagine a world where we cheer each other on, not because we have to, but because we genuinely want to. Sounds pretty good, right?


This isn’t just feel-good talk; it’s about making real changes, starting with the person in the mirror. It’s about understanding that healing ourselves heals our world, one kind gesture at a time. So, how about we start that journey? Let’s turn those inner critics into our biggest cheerleaders and watch how the world transforms around us. Here’s to breaking free from self-hate and paving the way for a more compassionate, understanding world. Together, we’ve got this!

The High Cost of Low Roads:

How Chasing Wealth Can Cost Us Everything

In an age where success is often measured by wealth, the temptation to prioritize financial gain over ethical considerations is real. But this pursuit comes with significant risks, not just to the individual but to society at large.


Ancient wisdom, such as the laws of Karma and Ma’at, teaches us that every action has consequences, especially when those actions disrupt balance and justice.


Impact on Society and Economy

Businesses and individuals that chase profits at any cost can cause widespread harm. Corporate scandals, driven by the pursuit of quick gains, have shown how such behaviors not only lead to financial crises but also erode public trust. These aren’t isolated incidents but examples of a broader imbalance that, according to Karma and Ma’at, must be corrected, often at a high cost to the perpetrators and innocent bystanders alike.


Ethical Success: A Sustainable Alternative

The pursuit of wealth doesn’t have to be at odds with ethical practices. Aligning financial goals with principles of integrity and fairness leads to sustainable success. This approach fosters trust and respect, laying a foundation for long-term prosperity that benefits everyone.


In essence, chasing quick gains without regard for ethics is a risky path that can unravel economies and harm innocent lives. By heeding the lessons of Karma and Ma’at, we’re reminded that true success is measured not by wealth alone but by the positive impact we have on the world. Ethical conduct, far from being a hindrance to success, is the very thing that ensures it.

Let's Talk Twisted Thoughts:

How Our Minds Fool Us

Ever caught yourself justifying something off-the-mark and thought, “Wait, is that really true?”


Welcome to the world of cognitive distortions. Our brains playing tricks on us, making us see things not as they are. It’s a sneaky little issue that’s stirring up a big storm in mental health globally, affecting everyone from future leaders to our kids.


Mind Games

These mental missteps can turn a simple comment into a full-blown drama in our heads or make us snap at someone “because they deserved it.” The catch?

It messes with our mental wellness big time, leading to anxiety, depression, and more.


The Bigger Picture

When these twisted thoughts become the norm, they shape our world. Imagine leaders making skewed decisions or kids growing up thinking this mind maze is just how things are. It’s a future we need to steer clear of.


Finding the Exit

Here’s the good news: we can flip the script.

Questioning our automatic thoughts, like, “Is this the whole truth?” helps us break free from these mental traps. It’s about seeing the world clearly and making choices that actually align with reality.


Your Move

Let’s open up the floor. Talking about mental health, practicing mindfulness, or getting therapy can all help untangle our thoughts. It’s not just about better mental health for us; it’s about setting up a future where everyone can thrive, free from the fog of distorted thinking. Let’s tackle this head-on, for our sake and for the next generation’s.

Breaking Chains or Breaking Futures?

The Thin Line of Rebellion

Ever felt that urge to push back against the norms, be it parental guidelines or society’s rules? It’s a fiery feeling, right? But here’s the thing, while rebelling can feel like breaking free, it’s crucial to ponder the long-term impacts. Our rebellious choices can shape our future and even ripple down to future generations.


The Echoes of Rebellion

When we rebel, it’s not just about the present moment. Our actions can set a path that affects us and our kids down the line. It’s like throwing a stone into a pond; the ripples go far and wide.


Rules: Chains or Guides?

Not all rules are there to constrict us. Sometimes, they’re guardrails, guiding us safely. But yes, not all advice or rules are spot-on. Parents and authority figures can get it wrong too. They’re human, after all.


Wise Rebellion

Before we act in defiance, it’s worth asking why. Is our rebellion a path to true self-discovery, or is it a reaction to something deeper? Understanding this can help us decide if our rebellion is constructive or if it’s burning bridges we might later wish were still there.


Choosing Our Battles

Engaging in open conversations rather than outright defiance can lead to real change. It’s about striking a balance—rebelling against what holds us back, but in a way that’s thoughtful and forward-looking.


The Bottom Line

Our rebellious decisions today aren’t just about us; they’re about the legacy we leave for those who come after. Let’s make our acts of defiance count, ensuring they lead to growth, not just for us but for future generations too.

I survived

a dangerous

spiritual cult.

I'm alive to tell the story.