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It was

December 2021

a time etched in my memory with a stark clarity, a moment in my life where everything seemed to stand still.

I found myself engulfed in the vast, silent expanse of the desert, a desolate place where the relentless sun beat down mercilessly during the day, scorching the earth beneath my feet.As night fell, the desert transformed into a frigid, alien landscape, the cold, starlit sky offering no comfort, no respite from my inner turmoil.


For three endless nights, I lay there alone, my body sprawled on the rough, unforgiving sand.


The haunting sound of the wind was my only companion, a relentless whisper that seemed to echo the chaos of my thoughts.Each gust felt like a cold hand, brushing against my face, a reminder of the isolation that had become my reality.Each day, I’d wake up with the sun, its rays piercing through my solitude with an unyielding intensity.


The relentless passage of time was evident in the sun’s predictable arc across the sky, a constant reminder of the days slipping away, days filled with an emptiness that seemed to grow ever larger.


The desert’s unforgiving landscape mirrored the barrenness I felt inside—a void where once there were meaningful connections, laughter, and a sense of belonging.


Now, all that remained was a hollow shell, a life stripped of its color and vitality.


I spent hours in meditation, my body motionless under the sun’s relentless gaze.
I sought answers, longing for a sign, anything that could guide me out of this emotional wasteland.My mind wandered through memories, through moments of joy and companionship, now distant echoes of a life I once knew.


As I sat there, the weight of my loneliness and disconnection pressed down on me like the desert heat.It was a suffocating blanket, wrapping around me, tightening its grip with each passing moment.I felt trapped, ensnared by the invisible chains of societal expectations and the relentless demands of my profession.


I’d become a stranger to myself, lost in a whirlwind of work and societal expectations.
My once vibrant life had been reduced to a series of mechanical motions, each day blending indistinguishably into the next.


I had become an automaton, going through the motions, but devoid of any real sense of purpose or fulfillment.The laughter and warmth of close friendships, once the cornerstone of my existence, had long since faded away.In their place was a haunting silence, a void that echoed through my days and nights.

I longed for the sound of a familiar voice, the comfort of a shared joke, the warmth of a genuine smile.But there, in the heart of the desert, I was as far from human connection as one could be.The stars above me seemed to mock my solitude, shining brightly in a sky that felt impossibly vast and empty.


I lay there, a lone figure in an endless sea of sand and silence, my heart aching for something, anything, to fill the void that had become my life.

Change with the seasons.

One evening,

as the sun dipped

below the horizon,

the sky transformed into a canvas of fiery oranges and purples.

The fading light cast long, somber shadows across the sand, each grain seemingly holding a piece of my fragmented thoughts.


In that twilight hour, I gathered a few dry twigs and branches, arranging them in a circle, preparing for a ceremony that I hoped would bring some solace to my restless soul.


As I struck a match and the fire came to life, its flames flickered and danced, casting an eerie glow on my surroundings.


The fire’s warm light was a stark contrast to the cool, blue hue of the evening sky.It felt as if the flames were alive, whispering secrets of the ancient land, secrets that I yearned to understand.


The fire crackled and hissed, and I could almost hear it mocking my futile attempts to find meaning in the ritual.


I sat there, watching the flames, feeling the heat lick my face, a temporary reprieve from the cold that had settled deep in my bones.

As the fire grew, I began to offer my prayers to the mountains, those silent, stoic guardians of the desert.


My voice was but a whisper, carried away by the wind, disappearing into the vastness of the landscape.My prayers were for purpose, for a sign that I was more than just a cog in the machine of society.


I pleaded for guidance, for a path that would lead me to be a beneficial presence in the world, not just for myself, but for future generations.


I spoke of my longing to reconnect with the essence of my being, to rediscover the passion and drive that once fueled my every action.


I asked for the strength to break free from the shackles of expectations and to forge a new path, one filled with meaning and connection.


I prayed for the wisdom to understand my place in the world, to see beyond the superficial and to grasp the deeper truths that lay hidden beneath the surface.


I yearned for the clarity to see how I could contribute to a better future, how I could use my skills and experience to make a real difference.

As the fire burned, I felt my words rising with the smoke, an offering to the heavens, a plea for answers.But as the flames dwindled and the embers glowed softly in the darkness, I felt a profound sense of emptiness.


My prayers seemed to vanish into the night, unanswered, leaving me with more questions than before.The vastness of the desert seemed to swallow my words, my hopes, and my dreams, leaving me feeling more alone than ever.


I sat there, staring into the dying fire, grappling with the realization that the answers I sought might not be found in the flames or in the mountains, but within myself.

With the break of dawn casting a soft, golden hue over the desert, I packed up my sparse belongings and drove to a nearby diner.

It was There That I met Loch & David.

This small, unassuming place was a stark contrast to the desolation and vastness of the desert I had just left behind.The diner, with its warm lights and the sound of a sizzling grill, felt like a haven from the outside world.

As I entered, the mundane chatter of early morning patrons and the clinking of cutlery against plates filled the air.

It was a symphony of everyday life, so far removed from the silent introspection I had been immersed in.


I found a seat at the counter,

the smell of freshly brewed coffee and frying bacon enveloping me.It was there, amidst the humdrum of the diner, that I knew my prayers were answered.

At first glance, they appeared to be ordinary patrons, perhaps locals or travelers passing through.Yet, as I observed them, there was something about their demeanor that piqued my curiosity.


They had a certain depth in their eyes, a groundedness in their presence that was almost tangible.Our conversation began casually over breakfast, with the usual pleasantries and small talk.
But as we delved deeper, it unfolded like a refreshing oasis in my parched soul.


Lock and David shared their profound concerns for the youth’s mental health and the future of America, topics that resonated deeply with me.Their passion for these issues was evident in their every word and gesture.


They spoke of the challenges facing our society, the growing disconnection and lack of spiritual grounding that they believed were at the root of many problems.Their insights were not just theoretical; they were born from personal experiences and a deep understanding of the human condition.


As someone who had spent time working on Wall Street, I had witnessed firsthand the corrosive effects of greed and disconnection.The cutthroat competition, the relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of everything else, had left a deep impression on me.

Lock and David’s focus on community, their emphasis on spiritual grounding and connection, struck a chord within me.Their words were like a balm to my weary spirit, offering a perspective that was both enlightening and comforting.


Here were two men who, despite the cynicism and challenges of the modern world, held onto a vision of a better future.They spoke of the need for compassion, for understanding, and for fostering a sense of belonging and purpose among the youth.


As we continued to talk, the diner around us seemed to fade into the background.Our conversation became a microcosm of hope and possibility, a reminder that amidst the chaos and disconnection of the world, there were still individuals who cared deeply and were working towards positive change.


Meeting Lock and David in that small diner was a serendipitous moment, a turning point in my journey.Their wisdom and compassion were a guiding light, showing me that even in a world that often felt overwhelming and bleak, there were beacons of hope and connection.


As we talked over breakfast, a bond began to form between us, a connection that felt both unexpected and deeply right.
The conversation flowed effortlessly, and before long, we decided to visit the hot springs together.


It was an impromptu plan, born out of our shared desire for a deeper connection and a break from the routine of our lives.The hot springs were nestled in a secluded spot, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the desert landscape.


As we immersed ourselves in the warm, mineral-rich waters, it felt as though the stress and strain of my past days were being washed away.The water was like a nurturing embrace, enveloping my body and soothing my tired muscles.


But it wasn’t just the physical relief that was transformative; it was the camaraderie and the conversation that truly began to thaw the ice around my heart.


Lock, David, and I shared stories, laughed, and found solace in each other’s company.The atmosphere was one of openness and vulnerability, a space where we could speak our truths without judgment.

We brought out our musical instruments, a guitar and a couple of harmonicas, and began to play.

we grew up watching our mothers and grandmothers be told what to do.

The melodies we created were spontaneous, a reflection of our moods and the energy we shared.
It was as if the music was weaving a tapestry of connection and hope,binding us together in a way that words alone could not.


As the music filled the air, I asked Lock and David about the secret to their strong bond.
I was curious to understand how they had managed to maintain such a deep and meaningful friendship in a world where many men struggle with loneliness and disconnection.

Their response was heartfelt and profound.

They spoke of their mutual care for the world, their desire to see future generations thrive and succeed.


But they also shared their deep-seated fears and concerns—

that the legacy we are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren might be a ravaged planet,

devoid of the beauty and resources we currently enjoy.

Their words resonated with me on a visceral level.


It was more than just a conversation about friendship; it was a discussion about responsibility,

stewardship, and the kind of world we want to leave behind.


Their perspective was not one of despair, but rather one of hope and determination.

They believed that by coming together, by forming strong bonds and communities,

we could effect positive change and create a better future.


As the day wore on and the sun began to set, casting a golden glow over the hot springs, 

I realized that this experience was about more than just relaxation or escape.


It was a profound reminder of the power of human connection, of the impact we can 

have on each other’s lives, and of the collective responsibility

we share for the well-being of our planet and future generations.


That breakfast at the diner, and our subsequent decision to visit the hot springs,

 marked the beginning of a profound transformation in my life.

The weekends that followed became sacred retreats, times of deep 

reflection and connection in the heart of the desert.


Around campfires, under the vast, star-filled sky, Lock, David, and I shared 

not just the warmth of the flames but the warmth of human connection.

We would gather wood together, the crackling fire illuminating our faces as 

we settled into the comfort and safety of our newfound brotherhood.


The desert night was a cocoon, wrapping us in a blanket of tranquility, 

away from the demands and noise of the outside world.


As the fire roared, we shared our grief and our joys, our dreams and our fears.
Our stories were raw and honest, each one a thread in the tapestry of our growing bond.

We spoke of personal losses and victories, of moments that had shaped us and challenges that had tested us.
There were tears and laughter, an emotional release that was both cathartic and healing.
We delved into our hopes for the future, not just for ourselves but for the world at large.


Our conversations often lingered on the state of the planet, 

the legacy we were leaving behind for future generations.


Under the desert stars, we strategized on how to be agents of change.
We brainstormed ideas, inspired by each other’s insights and experiences.

Our discussions were not just theoretical; they were plans for action, 

commitments to make a tangible difference in the world.


We talked about organizing community projects, advocating for mental health, 

and fostering environments where the youth could thrive.

Our bond transcended the usual confines of friendship; it was grounded 

in a shared mission to be beneficial presences on Earth.


We recognized that our collective strengths and passions could be a force 

for good, a beacon of hope in a world often clouded by uncertainty and despair.

Every Revive & Thrive Retreat we held in the desert brought a profound sense of renewal.
It was as if each gathering allowed us to shed the layers of burnout that had once consumed us.


We created a sanctuary in the desert, a sacred space where we could disconnect

 from the chaos of everyday life and reconnect with our true selves.

These retreats were a time for rejuvenation, for recharging our spirits and realigning our purposes.

We would meditate, engage in deep discussions, and simply enjoy the serenity of the natural world around us.


The desert, with its stark beauty and unyielding landscape, was a 

reminder of the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit.


As we emerged from each retreat, we felt more empowered, more centered.
We were ready to face the world with renewed purpose and hope, 

carrying with us the lessons and connections we had forged in the heart of the desert.


The bond we shared and the experiences we had together were a source of 

strength, a reminder that even in the midst of life’s challenges, 

we could find solace, inspiration, and the power to effect positive change.

Thanks in

part to that INTERESTING experience,

I uncovered a kind of “Gameplan” for male physicians…

One that works for just about anyone who gives it a fair shot…

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Please remember that despite my success today,
When it comes to feeling emotionally disconnected and lonely, I’m absolutely no different than you…

I just had some lucky but painful breaks…
That led me to this ‘roadmap’ for combatting loneliness and reconnecting on a deeper level with friends…

A System that allows ambitious men like YOU to:

  • Reestablish meaningful and supportive friendships that go beyond just work-related interactions…
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  • Break through the barriers of social anxiety and vulnerability, allowing you to open up and be your true self…
  • Balance your professional responsibilities with a fulfilling personal life, ensuring you never feel like you’re neglecting one for the other…
  • Develop the skills to engage in deeper, more emotionally satisfying conversations that strengthen your bonds with friends…

And so much more.





Love Letter was written

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I’ll share all the specifics with you in just a moment…

First, let me take you on a journey through the practical steps and real-life strategies that have transformed not only my life but the lives of countless men who once felt just as lost and disconnected as you might feel right now.

These insights are some of my personal game-changers, and they’re what propelled me to where I am today. A place of connection and fulfillment I believe you can reach too. So, stay with me here.


Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat: sporadic meet-ups with friends just don’t cut it. This approach to socializing is like trying to fill a pool with a teaspoon – it’s ineffective and frustrating. Why? Because real connection needs more than just the occasional “hello” or a quick coffee every few months. It requires consistent, meaningful interactions to build a bond that truly lasts.


Now, let me share a simple yet effective tip: regular check-ins. Imagine setting aside a time each week, like a ‘friendship appointment’, to catch up with a buddy. It could be a phone call during your commute or a lunch every other Wednesday. It’s showing that you’re invested in the friendship, keeping the lines of communication open.


But that’s just the beginning. You see, combatting loneliness isn’t just about frequency; it’s about depth and quality.


This is where my ultimate insight comes into play: “Social Renewal”. Think of it as a lifeline for male physicians who feel isolated. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room. Social Renewal is about truly diving into those friendships, sharing your triumphs and challenges, and getting past the small talk. It’s creating a space where you can be your authentic self, without the mask of professionalism.


Imagine regular dinners with colleagues where you talk about more than just work, or joining a hiking group where you share your passion for nature and find camaraderie. It’s about forming connections that nourish your soul, not just fill your calendar.


So, there’s more to Social Renewal than just meeting up; it’s a step-by-step approach to weave meaningful relationships back into the fabric of your life. And I’m going to guide you through these steps, showing you how to integrate them into your busy schedule.


Stick with me, and let’s start this journey to a richer, more connected life.


"Revive & Thrive" is your gateway to combating the isolation that's crept into your life as a dedicated physician.

we grew up watching our mothers and grandmothers be told what to do.

This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill program;

it’s a lifeline to pull you out of the Isolation Spiral and propel you towards true Social Renewal.

First, let’s face the harsh reality. If you choose to do nothing, imagine where you’ll be months, even a year from now.

Picture yourself, more isolated, your phone silent, your social life a shadow of what it once was.


The laughter, the shared experiences, all but a distant memory. It’s a bleak picture, isn’t it?


Then there’s Choice 2: Going at it alone. It’s admirable but fraught with pitfalls.

You might make progress, but think of the lonely nights, the trial and error,

the missed opportunities for deeper connections. It’s a path, but not an easy one.


Now, the smart choice: “Revive & Thrive.”


This isn’t just a program; it’s a revolution in how you approach your social life.

It’s the culmination of 35 years of expertise, distilled into a straightforward, effective system.

It’s been tried and tested on countless individuals like you,

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Let’s address some potential objections:

“I’m too busy with work to socialize.”

Imagine a colleague who felt the same but found that “Revive & Thrive”

seamlessly integrated into his hectic schedule, enhancing his life without overwhelming it.


“I’ve lost touch with how to connect.”

Think of the shy intern who transformed into a social butterfly,

thanks to the step-by-step guidance in rebuilding and deepening relationships.


“I’m not sure I can open up again.”

Consider the seasoned surgeon who rediscovered the joy of sharing and vulnerability,

rekindling old friendships and forging new ones.


“I’ve tried everything, nothing works.”

Remember the skeptical resident who was pleasantly surprised by the unique,

tailored approach of “Revive & Thrive,” different from anything she’d tried before.


“Revive & Thrive” isn’t a quick fix or a generic solution.

It’s a deeply researched, tried-and-true system tailored to your unique challenges as a physician.

It’s not about adding more to your plate; it’s about transforming what’s already there into something richer, more fulfilling.


Envision the benefits:

Reconnect with old friends,


reigniting those bonds that once brought you joy and support.

Build new, meaningful relationships that go beyond the superficial,enriching your life both personally and professionally.

Discover the ease of integrating social renewal into your busy life,finding that perfect balance.


Experience the profound satisfaction of being part of a community,

where you’re not just a physician, but a friend, a confidant, a cherished companion.


“Revive & Thrive” is your answer to the isolation that’s been quietly taking over your life.

It’s time to take that step towards a more connected, fulfilling life.

Don’t let another day go by in the shadows of isolation.

Join the ranks of those who’ve chosen to Revive & Thrive,

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Before I dive

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  "Revive & Thrive"

and what they can do for you, let’s be clear: There are no easy answers to combating loneliness and reconnecting with others. But “Revive & Thrive” is as close as it gets to simplifying this journey.


“Revive & Thrive” comes complete with:

Mastering the Art of Balance: Thriving as Both Healer and Entrepreneur

This feature ensures you don’t have to sacrifice your passion for medicine at the altar of business success. Instead, you get to enjoy the fulfillment of being a top-notch physician while also thriving as an innovative entrepreneur.

From Career Regrets to Resilient Returns: The Emotional Toolkit Every Doctor Needs

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by stress and regret, you’ll harness your experiences for personal growth and resilience. This toolkit enables you to not only cope but excel both personally and professionally.

Conversations that Count: Understanding the Ripple Effect of Professional Challenges on Personal Ties

Instead of struggling to explain your professional life’s impact on your personal relationships, you’ll have the skills to communicate effectively, deepening your connections with loved ones.

And much more!


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In my people's language, "Sawubona" means....

I See You.

I Witness Divinity Through You.

I See The Face of Creative, Love, Intelligence as the Beautiful Being reading this love letter from me to you.




I’ve spent the past 34 years studying peak human performance. From as far as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the Soul’s EVOLUTION through eternity. 

I’ve studied psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and finance. I’ve spent the last 22 years meditating in caves, chanting with monks, in and out of long periods of isolation, contemplating the nature of existence.

The more I learn, the quicker I’ve come to realize, “I KNOW NOTHING”.

The intelligence of the Universe knows through me to help you learn how to tap into your own Sovereign Connection With The Universe.

I’m NOT YOUR GURU, I’m a Mindfulness Mystic walking along side you as we individually Fulfill Our Unique Life’s Purposes.

And all of this,

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Here you will find the

Frequently Asked Questions


"I'm worried about adding one more thing to my already full plate."


This challenge is designed to alleviate overwhelm and bring more balance into your life. By implementing the tools and strategies provided, you’ll actually gain more time, energy, and clarity, enabling you to navigate your commitments with greater ease.


"I don't have enough time to commit to a 10-day challenge."


The purpose of this challenge is to help you reclaim your time and restore balance in your life. By dedicating just a small portion of your time each day, you’ll gain invaluable tools and strategies to effectively manage your time and create more space for self-care and personal growth.


"I feel guilty prioritizing myself over my family and other commitments."


Taking care of yourself is essential to being able to show up fully for your loved ones. This challenge will help you establish healthy boundaries and self-care practices, ultimately allowing you to be a better mother, friend, daughter, and spouse.


"I constantly feel like I'm not doing enough and it triggers feelings of inadequacy."


The purpose of this challenge is to address those feelings of inadequacy head-on. Through powerful mindset shifts and self-compassion exercises, you’ll learn to let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace your own worthiness.

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Now, let’s go a bit further – 30 days later. Life looks a lot different than it did just a month ago, doesn’t it? You’re feeling more connected, more fulfilled. Your social circle is growing, not just with colleagues, but with true friends. You’ve discovered a newfound balance between work and personal life. The loneliness that once clouded your days is lifting, replaced by a sense of belonging and joy.


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