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Love Reigns Supreme Tribe

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Sawubona Visionary,

I hope this message finds you wrapped in the embrace of divine love, joy, and courage. Today, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, for your courage to speak your truth, and for the unwavering love and commitment you carry in your heart to make our world a better place. In a time where knowledge liberates the souls who have chosen to embark on this beautiful journey on planet Earth during the Kali Yuga phase of consciousness, your presence and voice are invaluable.

Your videos have echoed through the hearts of many, inspiring and guiding them towards a path of purpose and transformation. Your strength and determination have illuminated the way for countless souls who seek to live a life guided by love, compassion, and vision. You are a guiding light in this world, and your presence is a precious gift that uplifts humanity.

I am thrilled to share with you that you have already been chosen to receive a full scholarship to our life-altering “Rebirth Your Vision” and “Guilt-Free Lifestyle” program. Your unique perspective and unwavering commitment to creating a world where love reigns supreme have made you an integral part of our mission. We are embarking on a journey together, where we will work as a tribe to make a profound impact on our planet and its inhabitants.

However, I want to extend an opportunity for you to deepen your connection to your purpose through our “45-Min Salacious Creative Sessions.” It’s an opportunity to explore the depths of your vision and activate your purpose on a profound level. As an energetic exchange, we ask for $111, a symbolic investment in your path of purpose and an acknowledgment of the seed we are planting together in fertile soil, where your mission will flourish.

Please know that while you have received a scholarship for our program, investments in retreats and travel will be your own resources to manage. But in this journey, we will travel together, meet bi-weekly as a tribe, and move forward with one voice, ensuring that love reigns supreme for all beings on our planet.

By sowing this seed of commitment and purpose, you open yourself to the infinite possibilities that life has in store for you. Life already knows your highest and fastest path to fulfilling your purpose, and as you walk your daily path with the light, you’ll find yourself awakening humanity to their divinity, just as it was written at the beginning of eternity.

As a token of our appreciation, let me share a poem that speaks of nature working together to make life beautiful for all beings, animate and inanimate, throughout the galaxies:

In harmony, the elements unite, Earth, wind, water, fire, and light, From mountains tall to oceans wide, Nature’s beauty, no need to hide.

Animals roam, and flowers bloom, In forests deep, the spirits loom, The universe, a symphony grand, Guiding us with a loving hand.

So, Visionary, let us embrace this journey with open hearts and loving intentions, knowing that together, we will create a world where love reigns supreme. Thank you for being a vital part of this beautiful movement.

With love and gratitude,

Queen, Bringer of Good Hope

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